The Stalking Risk Profile: Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Stalkers.

By Rachel MacKenzie, Troy McEwan, Michele Pathe´ , David James, James Ogloff & Paul Mullen (2009). Melbourne: StalkInc. & Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Monash University, ISBN 9870646521008.

What is the Stalking Risk Profile?

The Stalking Risk Profile is the state-of-the-art tool for assessing and managing stalking risks.

It has been developed by leading experts in the field.

It is designed on a structured professional judgment model.

It aids both in assessing risk and in defining management, intervention and treatment strategies.

It is comprehensive in scope, assessing not simply the risk of violence, but also the separate domains of persistence, recurrence and psychosocial damage.

It recognizes that risk factors in each domain vary according to underlying motivational group.

It has a facility for measuring change.

It is adapted for use with public figures, as well as members of the general population.